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About Bob Grabowski
  Bob Grabowski is a nature and landscape photographer based in Scotia, New York.  A longtime backpacker turned photographer, Bob  has relied on years of exploring the backcountry and observing nature to help create beautiful images of the natural world.  Working in both 35mm and 4x5 formats, Bob has photographed in numerous wilderness areas in the US, but he can most often be found exploring the wilds of the Adirondack Park of New York State.

All my life I've had a great respect and admiration for the natural world. In my imagery I look for the interplay of light and landscape, and  for the quiet beauty found in nature. Often in my photographic journeys, I prefer to take the path less travelled, searching for images many people would pass by. And it's these vignettes of my journeys that I wish to share with others so that they might be inspired to preserve what is left of the natural world.

 Art directors and editors are welcome to check out the Stock page, which has a listing of nature and landscape images from across the country and includes an image search. The stock files of Bob Grabowski Photography consist of both 35 mm and 4x5 formats, with images ranging from classic landscapes to stunning mood shots.